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About this Photobooth:
When this video first came out, you knew right away it was special. Something about it gave you the sense it has that quality of a lasting cool, to transcend it's hokey 80s fashion. Heck, for me it was high art practically. But for those under the pop-culture rock, what the heck is this?

"Take on Me" is a 'synth-pop' song by Norwegian pop band a-ha, way back in 1984. In the United States the song reached the top position of the Billboard Hot 100 in October 1985, due in no small part to the wide exposure of its memorable and cutting-edge music video on MTV, directed by Steve Barron. The video features the band in a pencil-sketch animation/live-action combination called rotoscoping.

At the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards, the video for "Take on Me" won six awards: Best New Artist in a Video, Best Concept Video, Most Experimental Video, Best Direction, Best Special Effects, and Viewer's Choice—and was nominated for two others, Best Group Video and Video of the Year. It was also nominated for Favorite Pop/Rock Video at the 13th American Music Awards in 1986. Told you it was special. Check it out on youtube already, and savor the full joyous experience of putting yourself right into this visual masterpiece!

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-Added March 26, 2010

A-ha 'Take On Me' Frame Photo Booth

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