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Help - Frequently Asked Questions

funfacecam widget technical questions:
funfacecam pictures questions: membership questions: general website questions:

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it's not working/ the widget's broken/ i dont see my webcam video?
Make sure that the webcam isnt being used by another program or app. Otherwise, most likely, you just need to update your current version of the Flash plugin.

For Mac users with iSight webcams: Frequently Adobe Flash for Mac doesn't correctly detect or label the camera as an iSight camera, causing video to not appear. Here's what to do:

1. In the Flash Settings box (the 'Allow' box), click on the camera icon/tab.

2. Select "USB Video Class Video" from the drop down list and it should begin to work.

*To open the Settings box, just click on the Wrench/tool icon; or you can right-click or ctrl-click on the Widget to open the menu and choose "Settings".
(If you’re using a Mac and an External iSight camera, choose "IIDC FireWire Video" as your camera. If using an attached DV camcorder, choose "DV Video".)

the widget says 'webcam required', but i have one!
left click on the flash window to open the flash menu options and select 'settings'. under 'privacy' to allow camera access click the 'allow' button and the 'remember' box. reload the page.

whats the difference between embedding the widget and embedding funface pic?
the embed code in the funfacecam pages (where you snap your funface pic) adds the application (aka widget) itself to your blog or social profile, allowing others to take their own funface pics from your pages.

the embed code in your funface page (where you go to view or share your funface pic) adds the funface pic you snapped to your blog or social profile.

webcam picture is all messed up
make sure no other program is using the webcam, like skype or somthing

i embedded the widget on my webpage/blog/myspace, but somthings wrong/not working!
make sure the embed code is correct, otherwise let us know the details and we'll investigate asap.

hey i don't have a webcam.. what can you recommend?
most regular video camcorders can work as a webcam (they have way better picture quality too). if it has a digital connection it should work. otherwise, logitech makes a decent cam. we'll post recommendations shortly.

Sending to my mobile phone isn't working?
This feature is provided by Myxer, and they say you would need a full internet access plan that provides access to all websites. Occasionally an error most likely means that the network is busy. Wait a few minutes, make sure you have a strong signal, and try to follow the link again. Also, certain phones or providers may have their own limitations. More support info can be found here:

how do i save my photos?
you'll need to sign up or sign in to your account to save your photos. after you snap a photo, click on the 'save photo' button. if you're already signed in, the photo will automatically be added to your profile account on the next screen. presto! just visit your profile to view your collection.

can anyone else view my personal collection?
nope, only you can view your saved photos in your profile.

how do i use the color sliders or make video black and white?
for more info on using the sliders, click here.

how do i share my funface pics?
after making your funface pic, a link will appear which you can click on to visit the view & share page; or you can cut and paste the link into your browser or email to share with your friends. this url link is your funface view & share page, which has many sharing features: you can bookmark it, email to friends, automagically embed the funface pic to your social profile or blog, and even rate and add comments.

can i make my own funface overlay/template?
sure, but only for non-copyrighted photos. members can send us a transparent gif or png with the face part removed. if/when it's published, a credit will be given to the creator.

how can i delete my photo?
send us the share code link, we'll add it to our queue to remove it. (it may take awhile though!) photos may be deleted from our servers periodically.

will my funface pics be publicly displayed?
your funface pics & funface view & share links will NOT be displayed or listed on funface view & share links are viewable only by those who have the exact link/URL address.

what about copyrights?
we make every effort to be sure all images comply with copyright policies. generally, funfacecam photos are used for parody purposes and considered protected fair use.

where did you get all the funface facts and quotes?
mostly from good ol wikipedia, and various quote sites. of course, feel free to contribute to any write up if you'd like.

how do i make my videocam image black and white?
easy, just move the 'Saturation' slider all the way to the LEFT. For more info on using the sliders, click here.

do i need to sign up and be a member to take funface pics?
nope, its not required but members will have access to new features and benefits planned for release.

i didnt get my confirmation email?
please take a peek in your junk or spam folder, sometimes it winds up there (working on that)..

why cant i save my funface pics in my account?
that feature is being worked on right now as a top priority

the website is slow..
that would mean that we're getting heavy activity.. we're in beta mode so we're evaluating everything for improvement. please let us know if you have any problems or techinical issues to help us get it right.

somthing in your website is acting screwy.
the code is still beta and we're doing our best, but please let us know any techinical issues as detailed as possible to help us get it right.

i got ideas for you!
bring them on! all ideas get proper credit where due. we'd love to connect and collaborate more deeply with others willing to get involved.

hey i'm interested in advertising.
allow me to roll out the red carpet for you.. we're still figuring out how to support this project, and advertising is definitley key. contact us and we'll make every effort to give you a great deal, plus maybe offer some other promotional possibilities.

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