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Ironman helmet display
Ironman helmet display
Put on the helmet! Next best thing to seeing what it's like to tr ...

Color Sliders 101

adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, hue with the FunFaceCam sliders
  1. BRIGHTNESS: This slider is used to lighten dark webcam video image or darken bright ones. A 'completely brightened image' is simply all white pixels while a 'completely darkened image' is all black.

  2. CONTRAST: This slider increases or decreases the difference in brightness between the light and dark areas of a picture. In a high contrast image, you can see definite edges and the different elements of that image are accented. In a low contrast image, all the colors are nearly the same and it's hard to make out detail. When you increase the contrast, the dark colors become darker and the light colors become lighter.

  3. SATURATION: This slider adjusts the intensity of a specific color. High saturation level (slide to the right) makes webcam video colors more vivid and intense, while less saturation (slide to the left) appears more muted and closer to gray. With no colorfulness at all, a color is a 'neutral' gray (Black & White image). Add some visual oomph by increasing color saturation.

  4. HUE: hue generally means color or shade of color, so adjusting this slider changes the color tone for the webcam video (like adding a color filter over it). As you adjust the hue of an image you shift the entire color spectrum over by degrees. This can be very useful for creating colorized special effects.

Useful Tips:

  • As you adjust the brightness, your entire image might get washed out and look bland. To compensate for this, adjust contrast.

  • at high contrast, use the brightness slider to keep image detail.

  • to make photos black and white, slide saturation to the left. if you have zero saturation (all the way to the left), you can fine tune brightness and contrast to enhance the effect.

  • hue change is more apparent with higher saturation (saturation slider to the right)

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